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Subject Matter Expertise

So, when I say I provide "tutoring and tech & tech-adjacent skill training", what exactly does that mean? Here’s a list to give you an idea!

  • I’m comfortable helping kids with work in core academic subjects up through at least early high school.

    • Math: I’m comfortable working through Calculus I, as well as hitting on a few areas that you won’t see in the usual public school curriculum.

    • English: I’m also pretty good at editing essays and helping kids look for the deeper meaning behind why & how things are written.

    • Social Studies: I’m fairly well versed in most of the history and other social science content that kids will see in school.

    • Science easily my weakest subject - most of that content knowledge floated out of my brain a long time ago. But science is really all about the process, and that I can definitely handle guiding kids through.

  • My real area of expertise is all things computer science, software, and data. Whether your kid wants to learn how to program, make websites, analyze data, or control robots, I can help them get to where they want to go. I can also help develop computer & information literacy skills or get kids moving down a path to help them use computers to help them solve problems or accomplish tasks in completely different fields as well. (If you really want to get in to the weeds here, I primarily work in Ruby & Javascript, and my expertise is primarily in the realms of web applications, information systems, distributed systems, and cryptography.)

  • I’m not the best at designing mechanical systems myself, but I’m definitely capable of helping people through the engineering design process to figure out how to take their idea and turn it into a real, functioning thing.

  • On the more artistic side, I can introduce kids to the basics of graphic design, digital art, photography, and video production, provide feedback on projects, and help refine their skills.

  • If your kid is interested in learning about how businesses and non-profits work, or needs someone besides Mom & Dad to nag inform them about personal finance, I can help point them in the right direction.

  • One of my other businesses is all about helping businesses stay organized and manage their time and resources. Those skills and ideas transfer pretty well to helping people stay organized & stay on top of how they spend their time.

  • And I’m generally interested & vaguely well-read in a variety of other areas, from interior design to theology to rural sociology.

If any of that sounds like something your child is interested in & could use a little more guidance in, get in touch!

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