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What I Do

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College, Career, and Life Coaching

Is your child stressed about their future? With so many choices to make & the pressure to have "the plan" figured out coming from all sides, it’s easy for kids to get overwhelmed. Or maybe you’ve got the opposite problem, and your child has no motivation, no plan, and no idea what direction they want to go.

I love getting to know young people & helping them connect with themselves and what matters to them. Whether you’ve got a stressed out middle schooler worried that their friends all seem to have everything figured out and they don’t, a high schooler in need of a neutral third party to help lead them through making critical college & career path decisions, or a college student having second thoughts about their major, I can help them forge a path toward a successful, meaningful future.

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Mental Performance & Executive Function Support

Executive functioning, self-regulation, mindfulness…​ it’s all about helping our kids know who they are, what they want, how to get there, and developing the motivation to actually take the required steps to reach their goals. These are skills that we generally expect our kids to naturally pick up as they grow up, but many children need a little extra help & support to develop these critical skills.

Whether your child has difficulties consistently completing their homework, struggles to make & follow through with plans, or is struggling to maintain their top-level performance on the basketball court, I can help them fill in the gaps and develop strategies & habits to help them manage their behavior & reach their full potential.

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Tutoring & Skill Development

Whether your child is looking for a little extra help with core academic subjects or looking for a little extra challenge and a deeper dive into a subject or skill set that they’re passionate about, I can help connect them with the right resources & support to help them be successful.

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Project Support

Does your kid have an idea for a website, app, game, or creative project, but they’re not sure where to get started? I can help individual students or small groups figure out the skills they need to get their project off the ground and help keep them moving in the right direction as they work toward building the next great thing!

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Presentations & Workshops

I also partner with teachers, community groups, and other organizations to do presentations & run workshops on all things tech, entrepreneurship, and design.

Or, if you're in need of information, communication, and software support for your business or organization or photography & other creative services, I might be able to help you out too!

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