My friend,
you seem
to be
Stuck in a cycle of bad decisions.
Stuck in school or a job that feels meaningless.
Stuck feeling like your community doesn't value you.
Stuck needing to change because what you're doing now isn't working.
Stuck not wanting to change because there doesn't seem to be a point.
Stuck lying to yourself & everyone around you.
Stuck feeling like you don't matter.
Stuck in place you don't really want to be
with no sense of direction of where else to go.
Here's the good news:
I can help get you unstuck.
(I can't actually do the work of getting you unstuck
- that's up to you -
but I can help uncover new & better paths
and prod you into moving down one of them)
But here's the bad news:
it's not gonna be easy.
It will take time.
It will be uncomfortable.
It will be awkward.
It will be exhausting.
I will ask a great deal of you,
a lot of which will involve:
thinking about things you've never thought about before,
asking questions that you think would be better left unanswered,
directing your attention to things you'd rather ignore,
and embracing parts of yourself that you'd really rather not.
You will almost certainly be tempted to quit.
after seeing all this,
to not even get started in the first place.
But you can do it.
I would even go as far as to say that you must do it.
Because somebody, somewhere out there needs
Needs your skills.
Needs your perspective.
Needs your experience.
Needs your unique you-ness.
Even thinking about that might make you a little uncomfortable.
After all, it's way easier to not be needed.
To get by with the bare minimum.
To not be responsible.
To not be important.
To be replaceable.
But this leads to ruin.
And you were made to do more.
To live a fulfilling, satisfying life you must be fulfilled and satisfied.
Not bringing your best to the table won't get you there.
So, are you ready to get to work?