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Life, leadership, and tech skills coaching for young people looking to forge their own path

Coaching for College Students & Young Adults

Life Path Crafting

Sometimes our plans don't quite work out. Lots of people choose college majors or career paths that aren't really a good fit - and don't figure that out until they've been at it for a couple of years. I can help you determine what got you going down the wrong path in the first place, figure out a new direction to head in, and find resources to help you through the transition process.

Adulting Support

It is entirely possible that your parents didn't do a great job of preparing you to function out in the real world (or, maybe they tried but you didn't really retain what they were trying to get you to learn - it happens...). I can help fill in some of those knowledge & skill gaps by helping you develop good habits, build systems, and understand how to use your resources wisely so that you can focus more of your energy on living your best life.

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