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Life, leadership, and tech skills coaching for young people looking to forge their own path

Services for Middle & High School Students

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching sessions can take a lot of different forms depending on what you & your child's goals are. They may include diving into one of the specialty areas I talk about more below, exploring the results of personality & career path assessments, connecting your student with different resources in the community, or just sitting around tallking about what's going on in their lives to help bring underlying issues to the surface or reinforce the other stuff we're working on.

Developing Self-Awareness & Self-Confidence

The only way to be truly successful & happy in life is to know who you are and apply your unique self to make an impact in the world. When you outsource that understanding to others, not only do you short-change yourself, but you deprive your community & the world of your unique contributions. I can get your child thinking about these big questions, provide space & time dedicated to coming up with the answers, help identify and work through conflict between who they are & who they're expected to be, and help them build a healthy self-image.

Life Path Crafting

Is your child stressed about their future? Or maybe it's you as the parent that is stressed out because your child seems to have no motivation, no plan, and no idea what direction they want to go. We expect our kids to naturally figure out who they are & how they will fit in to the world as they get older, but many of our young people would benefit greatly from a little encouragement to help get them on a path towards belonging, success, and satisfaction.

Tech Skill Development

When I'm not working with young people, you can probably find me working with businesses & community organizations to find or build technology systems & software to help them communicate & operate more effectively. These kinds of skills - not just programming, but learning how to communicate & understand people's problems to make tools to solve them - are critical and desperately needed no matter what career path you might find yourself on. Whether your child is a programming whiz already and needs some additional direction & support to continue growing their skills, or you've got a kid who's passionate about something completely different but would benefit from some software & IT know-how to support whatever it is they're working on, I can provide individualized support & instruction to help them accomplish their goals.

Leadership Development

Much like technology skills, the world is in desperate need of people who know how to work with & lead other people. Understanding a little bit of the psychology of what motivates people, how to discover, organize, & talk about the work that needs done, and the process of understanding, building, & refining the culture of a group are critical skills for our young people to start building now so they are ready to jump in & find success in everything from the extracurricular groups & teams they're in now to the variety of roles they will find themsleves in throughout their careers.

Discovering Non-Traditional Education Pathways

Let's be real here, school isn't for everybody. At their core, schools are designed to prepare average students to go on to accomplish average things and live average lives relative to your community. However, there is no such thing as an average student, so most schools end up designed around an idea of what a student should be, not the students they are serving. And the further away from that ideal average you are, the less useful, relevant, and truly supportive your school will be. So, if your suburban college town student isn't interested in pursuing high-pressure, top-tier academics, or if your rural student attending a school where 80% of its graduates stay local to work on the family farm is destined for academia, they're going to need to get connected with some additional educational resources to augment - or entirely replace - their school experience in order to find success. I can help your family explore different options and try to find a better path that will support your family's unique needs.

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