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The Artisinal Disciplines


You must be conscious of yourself & the world you inhabit.


Embrace the fact that the world is a fundamentally complex, weird, un-understandable place, filled with weird, complicated people.


The mysteries of the universe only reveal themselves to the people that poke, prod, and ask.


The work you do matters, so it had better be good.


Don’t worry too much, especially about what people say you’re "supposed to" do or how things are "supposed to" be.


You can’t escape reality, even if it’s uncomfortable.


The people in charge aren’t always right.


Maximize what’s important, minimize what’s not.


Being able to enjoy yourself & others is critical to maintaining your sanity - and your work.

This list was heavily inspired by The Scientific Virtues from Slime Mold, Time Mold, Linchpin & Stop Stealing Dreams by Seth Godin, and various essays, articles, posts, and other Internet leavings from Henrik Karlson, Adam Mastroianni, Erik Hoel, Paul Millerd, Carol Black, and Naomi Fisher.

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