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Questions & Answers

Who do you work with?

I’m primarily looking to work with middle, high school, & college students - although I’ll take on a twenty-something figuring out a new path for themselves or a gifted 3rd or 4th grader who’s looking for more of a challenge if they’re a good fit for what I do.

I’m mostly interested in working with kids that are in to making stuff - software, mechanical gadgets, art, videos, news articles…​ I also like working with exceptional (and twice & thrice exceptional too!) kids, whether they’ve been formally identified as gifted/talented or they’re just really good at math, painting, or basketball.

I enjoy working with homeschooled students, which totally isn’t just because their schedules are more flexible than the kids who are in school all day. # For those of you who do homeschool, I’m open to negotiating for longer, more frequent, or larger group sessions, and I can also help with curriculum planning, standards alignment, & transcript writing!

My home base is in West Lafayette, IN. I have connections all over the western part of the state though, so if you live in or around the Lafayette-Indianapolis-Vincennes triangle, we can probably work together.

What do sessions look like, exactly?

We might work on homework, reinforce basic self-regulation & study skills, work on a variety of technology, engineering, software, design, and computer science-related projects, talk about college & career paths, and…​ go see the list of services for more details. &

Right now I’m open to holding sessions at your home, at my temporary office in the Westside Robotics workshop, at your favorite coffee shop or other community spot, or via video call. I’m working on getting an actual office in the West Lafayette area - and the more of you that are paying for sessions, the quicker that can happen! I’m also open to establishing offices in other locations if I have enough clients.

How much do you charge?

First off, if money is an issue, don’t let that stop you from reaching out - I never want money to be an obstacle to getting kids the help and support they need. And definitely mention if your household income is less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

My base rates for a one-off, one-on-one session are $35 for 50 minutes or $45 for 80 minutes. I also do small group sessions - timing & pricing for those gets a little more complicated, so please ask for details.

Committing to a regular weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly session for at least 3 months knocks prices down to $30/$40. Committed clients also get discounted workshop prices & might get an occasional on-the-house special event. Committed clients (and their responsible adults) get some more direct lines of communication to me too.

I have more questions! Like how do I sign my kid up?

Email works best - [email protected].


# But it is a very large factor - I’m a busy guy and run another fairly time-intensive youth activity that tends to eat most of my evenings and weekends during certain portions of the year. Also I’ve fully embraced the unschooling/self-directed learning philosophy, and that seems to jive better with the homeschool crowd.

& Ultimately, it’s up to the student & me to figure out what we’re doing. Because seriously, some of your kids would be much better served by an hour of no pressure time to hang around with a reasonably competent and responsible adult and just be instead of trying to cram another hour of extra studying, test prep, or organized activities into their schedules!

Ready to start working together?

Say "hi" at [email protected] or book an introduction meeting for yourself or your child!